Packaging & Restrictions

To safeguard the contents of your shipments and others, we have a set of standards regarding the packaging of items that we move through our system.

All shipments require packaging

Items must be completely enclosed in packaging if possible.

  • Documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope
  • Larger items should be sealed in boxes
  • Items that require special handing should be sealed in appropriate forms of packaging and/or containment.

Responsible Shipping

For security reasons, ProntoPak reserves the right to request that a sealed package be opened for inspection prior to its acceptance for pickup and shipping.  Once the shipper has re-sealed the packaging for shipping, it will remain sealed throughout the entire shipping process.

Accurate and verifiable contact information is required

All shipments must be properly labeled with accurate origin and destination information including verifiable contact information and telephone numbers. 

Special handling and clearance

If you are shipping medical, laboratory, or industrial substances that may fall into special and/or regulated shipping categories, please contact us prior to placing your order for clearance and/or packing instructions.

ProntoPak does not transport live cargo

Our services do not cover the transport of live animals. Pets in travel kennels will not be accepted by ProntoPak for transport.

Furniture Items

While we do have the ability to move some furniture items, we are not a moving company.  Our services cover the shipment of items from origin to the destination.  Our couriers do not install, assemble or move furniture items on site.  All pieces must be properly wrapped, packed and sealed by the shipper.

Florist deliveries and specialty gift items

Floral arrangements and gift baskets must be sealed against water leakage and enclosed in rigid packaging that extends beyond the top of the arrangement or basket.  Plastic wrap is not considered sufficient packaging for transport.

Expedited Food Shipments

Food Items must be completely sealed against leakage and shipped in rigid packaging. Paper bags, foil, and plastic wrap are not considered sufficient packaging. Please contact us prior to placing your order for clearance and/or packing instructions.

ProntoPak does not transport flammables or explosives. 

If the contents of a shipment include these substances, the shipment will not be accepted for shipping.

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