Exclusive Service

Delivery Objective in 3 Hours or Less

Exclusive Same-Day Delivery is available 24 hours a day

7 days a week Including Holidays

Note: Off peak, weekend & holiday fees apply

This service option is recommended for:

  • Critical - ASAP Emergency Shipments
  • Sealed Bids & Proposals
  • Shipments that must be delivered exactly at a specified time  

Off peak charges apply when:

1. Shipments are in transit outside of the standard

    business hours of 9am-5pm weekdays.

2. New York City shipments are in transit after 2pm

    and/or before 10am weekdays.


There are no mileage restrictions for Exclusive service.  Delivery

objectives are based on shipments within the New York Metro area.

ProntoPak Exclusive Service 

ASAP service for shipments of critical urgency!

For Pickup, call: 631.629.4777

On-Demand Long Island Courier Services - Same Day & Route

Serving the New York Metropolitan Area & Beyond

Pickup: 631.629.4777 | Customer Svc: 631.629.4780

Get it there A.S.A.P. with ProntoPak Exclusive Same-Day Service!

For service information, quotes and Pickup service call: 631.629.4777

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